mCAST is an online based media platform delivering custom music broadcasts. Rather than dealing with sonic wall paper that is satellite radio solutions, our creative team crafts music programs that feature custom day parts, supporting the vibe or feeling of a particular time of day. CMM can create playlists which features a variety of formats and genres, eliminating the restrictions of single format broadcasts. We mix a unique sound track designed for your business and guests experience. Much like a DJ set, each mix is handcrafted as a continuous melodic stream and is normalized to ensure consistent and seamless levels of sound flow.

Step 2


Clear Media Management will hand craft your musical ambiance according to the need of your venue, clientele, genre, and day part. Your music is custom designed giving your venue its own identity.

Step 1


Your mCAST music is delivered via a live internet stream which simply requires a small notebook computer and a internet connection. mCAST can be played directly through your existing sound system. Once your live music stream is connected to your sound system you are ready to go.


Step 3

CLICK PLAY to hear mCAST live